Orbegozo CP 72120 ceiling fan with light

The Orbegozo CP 72120 ceiling fan with light has a design that follows current trends in stainless steel finishes as in most large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, microwaves and other household appliances.

The technologies and designs with which current fans are manufactured have advanced a lot, since the first ones began to be used in the time of the Egyptians.

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If this summer you don’t want to be without your ceiling fan hurry up to buy one of the best fans on the market for its performance, finishes and design.

Design and finishes

It seems that this design trend has been imposed and this fan could not be less, resulting in a high quality product aligned with the latest design trends.

But let’s not forget that this type of ventilation systems are also a decorative element providing a point of modernity and sophistication to the environment.

Likewise, due to its design and finishes, it fits perfectly in many kitchens where stainless steel can predominate, although its design allows it to be installed in any other place in the house, integrating without problem with the rest of the decoration.

Metallic body that provides a more careful and stylized aesthetic.

Comfort and ease of use

Orbegozo CP 72120 ceiling fan with light
Remote control

At the same time, the fact of having a remote control that is easy to use makes it a very complete product.

The fan has three different speeds as well as the function for summer or winter being able to reverse the direction of rotation of the blades.

Although it may seem strange, ceiling fans have been a very good option in recent years as an alternative to other solutions such as the installation of an air conditioner because it is a much more affordable device, it takes up little space, it is much quieter and it also gives us a decorative touch.

By carrying built-in light it can be installed as a decorative lamp with the particularity that it gives us the benefits of a fan.

Remarkable characteristics of the Orbegozo CP 72120 ceiling fan with light and remote control

In addition to having the characteristics that usually come in other ceiling fans, this one offers us the possibility of changing the direction of rotation of the blades, by means of a switch at the top of it, according to the time of year.

Reversible mode of the direction of rotation of the blades

Orbegozo ventilador de techo CP 72120 con luz
Ceiling fan operating modes according to the season of the year.

In the case of summer the blades will push the air from the ceiling towards the floor causing the cold air from the floor to be distributed throughout the room, making it easier to cool the environment.

When it is in winter mode , with the direction of rotation of the blades reversed, they suck the air from the bottom up causing the hot air that is in the upper part to be distributed through the entire stay helping to improve the range of other appliances that we may be using to heat the place.

Thanks to its features, functionalities and a modern and sophisticated design, the Orbegozo CP 72120 fan is a great choice to be installed in any home.

Orbegozo CP 72120 ceiling fan with light
Orbegozo CP72120 ceiling fan with light and remote control

Technical details

Manufacturer’s product identifierCP 72120
Model number15498
Remote controlYes
Number of blades4
Diameter120 cm
Height44.5 cm
Product dimensions58 x 23.8 x 21 cm
Weight6.1 Kg
Operating weight (force)50 Kg
Timer1 h, 2 h, 4 h
Operating modesSummer / Winter
Engine power55 W
Consumption60 W
Noise levelVery quiet
ColorStainless steel
Type of lightE27, maximum 40 W (Not included)
Voltage230 V – 50 Hz

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If you don’t hurry, you can lose the possibility of acquiring this fantastic fan that will make you more bearable on hot days with a breeze of fresh and pleasant air.

Orbegozo, a consolidated brand in the world of air conditioning

Ventilador de techo Orbegozo CP 72120 con luz

Orbegozo is a Spanish brand that has been manufacturing quality appliances at competitive prices since 1949, mainly focused on home air conditioning.

Thanks to the high quality of its products and its competitive prices, the brand has become a benchmark in Spain.

The Orbegozo brand has all kinds of air conditioning products such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heating and ventilation items that make it one of the dominant and preferred brands in the sector.

Tips for anchoring to the ceiling

In order to make an optimal anchoring of the ceiling fan, it is important that we achieve resistant fixings and safe , for this we must take into account several criteria such as:

Keep in mind that force that the fan exerts in operation is not the same as when stopped.
You have to fix it well to the ceiling taking into account that the force exerted by the fan in operation at maximum speed and in winter mode, which is when it sucks the air from the bottom up is equivalent to 50 kg.
We must install it with good plugs that help us support that weight without danger of the fan detaching from the ceiling.

Before deciding the type of studs that we are going to use, we must identify the type of surface where we are going to fix the fan, since there are various studs that can be adapt to each surface as:

  • Dowels to fix on surfaces made of solid materials (bricks and solid concrete, solid blocks, aerated concrete or stone)
  • Dowels for surfaces made of materials Hollow (plasterboard or hollow bricks)
  • Universal plugs that are used for all kinds of materials (solid and hollow) these are suitable for cases where that the material in which the surface where it is going to be fixed is made is unknown.

Once the surface has been identified, the next thing we must take into account is the load that the block will support, for this we must take into account, the force that each block must support is the total weight fan divided by the number of studs that support it.

In this case, if the weight of the fan in operation is 50 kg and it is attached to the ceiling by 2 studs, then each stud must support a weight of 25 kg.

Whenever we can, we should try to anchor the fan support in a resistant structure such as a ceiling joist.


The bulb that we can put in our fan, and that is not included in the product, must be E27 type with a maximum of 40 W. This is a small-sized, wide-threaded bulb.

It should be 40 W maximum for a conventional bulb due to the heat it generates, but we can always look for an LED type that will illuminate more, with less consumption and hardly heating.

Table of equivalence between incandescent light and LED light

Conventional luminaireLED equivalentSaving
E27 incandescent 40WE27 LED 6W80%
E27 incandescent 60WE27 LED 8W80%
E27 incandescent 75WE27 LED 10W80%
E27 incandescent 100WE27 LED 15W80%
E27 Low consumption 11WE27 LED 6W50%
E27 Low consumption 26WE27 LED 10W50%

Here you can see some options of LED bulbs that can go well to install in your ceiling fan

Other Orbegozo ceiling fans

If for whatever reason the CP 72120 model does not convince you, here are other models of the brand

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