Window tubes and adapters for portable air conditioners

A portable air conditioner is a convenient solution for keeping your space cool on hot days. However, for it to work efficiently, it is essential to select the right tube and window insulation.

Selection of pipes, adapters and window insulation

    How to correctly choose the tube and window insulation for your portable air conditioner

    In these lines we give you a step-by-step guide to help you correctly choose these elements and guarantee optimal performance of your portable air conditioner:

    • Measure the size of the window : Before choosing the tube and insulation, you must measure the size of your window. Make sure you have accurate height and width measurements, as this will determine the size of window kit you need. In most cases this measurement is indicated according to the window perimeter to be covered.
    Window perimeter
    Window perimeter
    • Check Compatibility: Check the portable air conditioner’s specifications to determine which type of tube and window adapter are compatible with your particular model. Some portable air conditioners come with window kits included, while others require separate purchase.
    • Choose the right pipe : The exhaust pipe is a crucial component in directing hot air outside. Make sure the tube diameter is compatible with the exhaust port of your portable air conditioner. Common diameters are 5 inches (12.7 cm) and 6 inches (15.2 cm). Also, check the length of the tube to make sure it’s long enough to reach the window from the appliance.
    • Select an adjustable window kit: A suitable window kit allows you to seal the window opening and prevent hot air from leaking. Opt for an adjustable kit that accommodates different window sizes and is compatible with your portable air conditioner model. Make sure the window kit provides a tight seal to prevent hot air from flowing back inside.
    • Insulate the window : In addition to the window kit, consider additional insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your portable air conditioner. There are insulation products designed specifically for windows, such as adhesive foam strips or weather stripping. These help seal any gaps between the window and the frame, preventing air leaks and improving the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
    • Proper Installation: Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the portable air conditioner and window kit for proper installation. Make sure the tube is securely connected to both the exhaust port of the appliance and the window adapter. Check that the window kit provides a proper seal and make sure the insulation is properly installed.

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