Humidifiers What are they for and when to use them?

If you wonder what humidicators are, what they are for or when is the time to use them, here we will solve your doubts.

Whether in summer with the use of air conditioners or in winter with the use of heating, we can find that the air in our home is too dry for our comfort and well-being.

What is it and what is it for?

Humidicators are devices that are capable of creating water vapor in different ways, which will define their type or technology and help us to increase the relative humidity level of the air, being advisable to use them if our home is too dry.

The purpose of generating steam is to incorporate it into the air and increase its humidity level until it reaches the optimum level.

When should we use them?

It is recommended that the humidity level is between 30% and 50% although some experts place it between 40% and 60%.

The dryness in the environment causes us discomfort in the mucous membranes: as in the nose, throat and eyes.

In addition, excessive dryness can promote the proliferation of viruses.
If we want to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of colds or flu, it is advisable to maintain an optimal level of humidity in the environment.

In turn, they improve the symptoms of bronchiolitis and sinusitis, very common in children and babies.

We must be especially careful with the environment when we have babies or small children, since they are especially sensitive to colds, so we must try to maintain the environment, especially the room where they sleep, with the ideal humidity level.

Types of humidifiers

There are several types of humidifiers and each of them has its pros and cons.
We must choose the one that best suits our needs, paying special attention to the precautions for its use for each of them.

Hot water:

There are humidifiers that heat the water to evaporate it.
This type of humidifier is recommended, since being hot air helps fight viruses in case of flu or cold.

With this type of humidifier you have to be very careful, especially if we are going to use it with children at home, since we can get burned by accident.

Cold water:

Then we have those of cold water that work by ultrasound and produce evaporation by excitation of the water molecules and not by boiling, being safer.

Maintenance and usage tips

Humidifiers What are they for and when to use them?
Ultrasonic humidifier cleaning

We will change the water daily to avoid keeping the water stagnant with the consequent proliferation of bacteria.

We will clean it at least every 3 days trying not to use chemical products or rinse it very well if used to prevent these from spreading through the air along with water vapor.

We will also use distilled or demineralized water instead of tap water to prevent mineral residues from being embedded creating coarseness on the bottom or vaporizing being breathed in or leaving a thin layer of white powder on the surfaces.

We will ensure that the surface on which the humidifier rests does not get wet, trying to dry it in case it appears and reducing its use if so, since excessive humidity can help the appearance of mold.

If we use essential oils with fragrance, we must use that they are pure and especially suitable for use in humidifiers.

For safety reasons we will always use the humidifier at a minimum of 2 meters from the place where we are, especially in the case of being used in bedrooms and especially if it is the bedroom of children or babies.

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