The best air purifiers of 2024

Spring is coming and with it the allergies that annoy us so many and a good air purifier can help us cope better.

There is also a great variety of these devices with functions that include the much sought after ability to eliminate all kinds of pathogens, including viruses such as covid-19

Here you have the best selection of air purifiers of 2024

Whether you are a demanding user looking for a high-performance purifier or a smaller one or one with a more affordable price, you will find it in this selection that we have made for you.

If you need help before buying to know what aspects you should look at when choosing the most suitable air purifier for your needs take a look at our buying guide:

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    What is an air purifier and what is it for?

    An air purifier is a device that by circulating the air inside it manages to clean it of pollutants and pathogens that may exist suspended in it.

    You can visit the article about what air purifiers are if you want to know more about the theme.

    What is an air purifier and when is it good to use?
    What is an air purifier and when is it good to use?

    Conditions that we can improve your symptoms with good air quality

    Annoying allergies

    With the arrival of spring, the time when most plants carry out the pollination process, the allergies that more and more people suffer from reappear.

    In Spain there are about 8 million people who suffer from allergies that are so annoying causing watery eyes, itchy throat and nose.

    Pollen in most cases comes from grasses, it is not in itself a harmful element in itself, but is a reaction of the disproportionate immune system.

    Contrary to what we might think, allergies occur more in urban areas than in rural areas, since pollution in the environment favors this reaction to pollen.

    Likewise, pollen is a tiny particle that spreads through the air reaching into our homes where we are not safe either.


    Asthma can be caused by pollen with some cases of allergies or also by other particles that may be in the air that are not seasonal like pollen.

    These particles can be:

    • dust mites
    • mold spores
    • cockroach or other insect waste
    • pet skin scales

    Polluted air

    The fact of not keeping the spaces in our home well ventilated can make them contain up to 4 times more pollutants than outside.

    To help us alleviate these annoyances in our homes we can count on a good air purifier that among other functions is to filter and retain pollen articles that may be in the environment.

    Regardless of whether we have an air purifier, we can follow a series of tips that can help us reduce the risk of allergies and asthma:

    • Ventilate the rooms of the house for 15 to 20 minutes every day, if possible when the sun is not out, especially at dusk in spring, since more pollen is released in the morning.
    • Avoid ventilating at times when it is windy and it is hot, as it is likely that more pollen can accumulate in the environment.
    • In spring, avoid hanging clothes outside so that the pollen particles
    • If we go outside, especially in areas where there is a higher concentration of pollen, we will shower to remove all other particles.
    • We will vacuum through carpets and cushions and all kinds of surfaces where dust can accumulate.

    What characteristics should we look for in an air purifier

    He or the types of filters you have. They usually have up to 4 types of filters that in most purifiers combine several of them

    • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air): these capture particles from 0.3 microns and usually need to be changed every 2 or 3 months
    Fiber mesh in random arrangement of a HEPA filter
    Fiber mesh of a HEPA filter

    Nylon filter: captures larger particles and this will be installed in front of the HEPA filter, preventing it from accumulating all the particles and thus extending its life. This type of filter is changed between 1 and 2 times a year
    G4 nylon bag filter (these filters are similar to nylon but are designed to capture smaller particles)
    Active carbon filter for the elimination of bad odors such as those that can cause smoke or pet skin flakes.
    Some purifiers even incorporate UV lamps (ultraviolet light) to eliminate viruses, mold spores and all kinds of pathogens, reaching a decontamination of 99.99%

    THE price of filters

    If it is a question of standard filters and of extended use these can be better in price. It must be taken into account because the filters must be changed with some regularity and a purifier that initially came out cheap in the long run can mean an extra cost in maintenance.

    The different operating modes:

    • turbo function to clean the air in the room in a short time.
    • normal function (this can have different powers)
    • night function: it would be the softest and less noise so as not to disturb when sleeping, since this mode is designed for use at night in bedrooms, especially suitable for people with significant allergy or asthma problems.

    Volumetric capacity

    It indicates the maximum size of the room that will be able to purify your air.

    The power

    The power or consumption will be related to its volumetric capacity and the maximum speed with which it can clean an environment.

    The noise level

    This will be directly related to the selected purification power or speed, although each purifier model will provide a minimum and maximum noise level depending on its powers.
    If we are looking for a purifier to be used in night mode we should see that the noise level in this mode is really low to be as inconspicuous as possible.

    Size and weight

    The weight and size, even the shape, can be points to take into account if we plan to use the device in different spaces of the house.
    Some models can be heavier than others and difficult to grasp if we need to move it with some regularity.


    The design, although it may not contribute much at a functional level if it helps us to achieve greater visual harmony without being able to go unnoticed and that does not result in a visual fracture that is out of tune with the rest of the furniture.

    Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

    If you are looking for a more specific solution for the elimination of viruses such as civid-19 perhaps in the ozone generators section find what you are looking for.

    Household ozone generators

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    What is an air purifier and when is it good to use?

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