Ozone generators – The best selection of 2024

If you want to keep your home clean of coronavirus and other pathogens, you shouldn’t rule out ozone generators. They are an indispensable aid when it comes to eliminating any type of virus, bacteria or fungus.

The best selection of ozonators of 2024

So that you can keep both your home and car free of COVID-19 and other viruses, fungi and bacteria here is the best selection of ozone generators of 2024.

If you need help before buying to know what aspects you should pay attention to when choosing the most suitable ozone generator for your needs take a look at our buying guide:

Buying guide for an ozone generator
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    Ozone generators to fight COVID-19

    Today more than ever it is vitally important to take extreme hygiene and disinfection measures in all spaces to ensure that we are free from the threat posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and this selection of ozonizers can help you in this work.

    The home is a space for coexistence and multipurpose use spaces where we can carry out very different activities such as:

    • Rest (sleep)
    • Relax watching TV or reading
    • Cook
    • Eat
    • Play

    Each of these activities and their spaces may have different cleaning and disinfection needs that could range from just cleaning the air space and surfaces of the room to disinfection of water for hygiene of fruits, vegetables and meats.

    We could even use dedicated generators for the ozonation of water in order to carry out a thorough cleaning of the clothes of the whole family.

    Difference between ozonizers and domestic ionizers

    An ozonator generates ozone molecules with the purpose of destroying any virus, fungus or bacteria.

    Every ozone generator only works for a limited period of time carrying a timer for this purpose.

    It is advisable not to be present while it is in operation, especially in the case of professional ozonizers, since they usually generate a greater amount of ozone per unit of time.

    In the case of domestic ozonators, the ozone flow is lower and there is no risk of being present while it is in operation, although it is advisable to avoid it.

    On the other hand, an ionizer is a device that generates a flow of negative ions , known as anions , and it can be working 24 hours without any type of danger.

    ionizers are also indicated for disinfecting, although the principles of action are different. While ozone destroys germs, negative ions adhere to germs causing their precipitation.

    negative ions are free electrons or molecules with excess electrons in the outer orbit of some of their atoms, which means that they are in an unbalanced charge and seek to adhere to other atoms or molecules where they exist an opposite charge imbalance, that is, they are in a deficit of electrons and it is what we know as free radicals .

    Ozone generators for cleaning air spaces

    This type of ozonator is suitable for the elimination of pathogens and odors from the environment and all the surfaces that are in it, reaching all corners with a disinfection level of 99.9%.

    Ozone is a gas formed by molecules of 3 unstable oxygen atoms, so its application requires its generation in the same place where its use is required.

    The exclusive ozone generation for water treatment

    This type of ozonizer, also misnamed ionizer, is suitable for intensive use in the disinfection of tap water, either for use in disinfecting clothes in the washing machine, kitchen or sinks for use both in cleaning and disinfection of food, disinfection of floors and cleaning in general, replacing chemical agents such as bleach and detergents.

    Mixed ozone generators

    In the market we can also find mixed generators, which both serve to disinfect the air from pollutants and help us wash food, with ozonized water, such as fruits, vegetables and meats, eliminating germs and bacteria.

    How to clean your car well

    We all know how a car can smell after a while and that is that cars easily accumulate bad odors.

    Either by carrying pets, by getting wet when it rains, by wearing mud on our shoes, our own sweat, if we are a smoker, etc.

    Over time, these odors remain permeated in the upholstery, carpets, roof, in short throughout the car.

    Perhaps what you don’t know is that most odors are produced by bacteria that emit gases produced by their metabolic mechanisms.

    Car Ozone Generators - The Best Selection of 2021

    So if the odors come from bacteria, what can we do?

    First of all, we should do a thorough cleaning of the car by vacuuming the entire interior trying to remove everything visible above and below the mats, seats and even the dashboard, doors, drawers and trunk.

    We can also use a vacuum cleaner that uses water to clean everything that is seats, if they are made of cloth, and mats.

    Once everything is clean, you have to go to what cannot be seen, which are the bacteria that we will hardly completely eliminate with the cleaning that we have done.

    This is where ozone comes into play.

    Car Ozone Generators - The Best Selection of 2021

    Ozone is a very oxidizing gas as it is molecules made up of 3 oxygen atoms that under normal conditions are not very stable, tending to release one of their oxygen atoms.

    This liberated atom is highly reactive in terms of electrons as it lacks 2 in the outermost orbit, so it will seek to combine with other molecules.

    To clean the car using ozone, it is recommended to leave the car running for a period of 20 to 30 minutes with the air in circulation mode and the ozone generator working so that it circulates through all the spaces of the car.

    This process must be done with no one inside the vehicle and with all the windows closed.

    This disinfection protocol is already being applied in most workshops for the greater safety of their employees and to deliver the vehicle fully disinfected.

    Industrial ozone generators for professionals

    Professional ozone generators are the best complement for a thorough cleaning.

    Here you will find the ozone generator that best suits your business to keep it free of pathogens such as covid-19:

    • Bars and restaurants
    • Beauty salons and hairdressers
    • Physiotherapy centers
    • Clothing stores
    • Gyms
    • Or just demanding households

    Ozone is a gas made up of molecules with 3 oxygen atoms (O3) and, therefore, highly oxidizing that helps destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria.

    The fact that it is a gas makes it reach all unreachable corners to eliminate all traces of pathogens.

    Tips for safe use

    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Before using an ozone generator, it is crucial to read and understand the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Each device may have specific features and recommendations.
    • Avoid direct exposure: Ozone can be harmful to human health in high concentrations. You must ensure that there are no people, pets or plants in the room while the generator is running.
    • Use in unoccupied spaces: To maximize the effectiveness of the ozone generator, use it in unoccupied spaces. This minimizes the risk of exposure and allows the gas to effectively purify the air.
    • Establish adequate operating times: Do not leave the generator running continuously. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to establish proper operating times and rest periods.
    Do not use in the presence of people or pets
    Do not use in the presence of people or pets

    How to choose which ozone generator to buy?

    In this section we are going to detail the key features you should take into account when choosing an ozone generator.

    We provide detailed information on the most important aspects to consider before making an informed decision:

    Ozone production capacityVerifies the ozone generation capacity of the device. This is measured in milligrams per hour (mg/h) and will determine the effectiveness of the generator in treating the size of the area or volume of water you wish to purify.
    Modes of operationCheck if the ozone generator offers different operating modes. Some devices have automatic modes, timer modes, or continuous modes, allowing you to tailor their operation to your specific needs.
    Security systemsMake sure that the ozone generator has built-in safety systems. These can include air quality sensors to prevent ozone overproduction, automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction, electrical surge protection, and overheat protection.
    Size and portabilityConsider the size of the ozone generator and determine if it will fit your needs. If you plan to use it in a specific room, a more compact and portable one might suffice. However, if you wish to treat multiple rooms or larger areas, a larger one with duct distribution options may be necessary.
    Certifications and AccreditationsVerify if the ozone generator has certifications and accreditations from recognized organizations. These certifications ensure that the device complies with the established quality and safety standards.
    Opinions and recommendations from usersResearch the opinions and recommendations of other users who have used the ozone generator you are considering. The experiences of other users can give you valuable information about the effectiveness, durability and ease of use of the device.
    BudgetSet a budget for your purchase and look for ozone generators that fit in that price range. Please note that prices may vary depending on the brand, size and features of the device. Balance the price with the quality and features you need.

    Remember that every home and situation is different, so it’s important to assess your specific needs when considering these points. By doing so, you will be able to make an informed decision and find the perfect home ozone generator to suit your requirements.

    Haven’t found what you were looking for?

    Perhaps what you need is an ozone-free purifier.

    In the next section you may find the one you need. Luck ?

    Air purifiers

    Air purifiers to keep the air in your home free of viruses, fungi and bacteria for longer.

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