Where to place an air purifier?

Are you wondering where to place your air purifier? Perhaps you already have it or are thinking of buying one and it is a logical question, since depending on where we place it, its effectiveness will be greater.

We have decided to buy an air purifier either because we have an allergy, asthma, someone smokes, there are pets, or the house is full of smells every time we cook.

The reasons can be many and diverse and the questions that surely arise as well.

And one of them, as we already introduced, is surely the best place to place the air purifier so that it is as effective as possible?

Here we will give you a series of tips to help you find that place to place your air purifier so that its performance is the most optimal.

Before continuing … Do you already have your air purifier?

If you still don’t have an air purifier in your house, you should think about buying one and start enjoying its benefits as soon as possible.

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And now without further ado we are going to detail which are the best places to place an air purifier:

We must place it near the source of contamination

Where to place an air purifier?

It is evident that if we are going to use an air purifier, we must place it as close to the source of contamination for two reasons:

  • First because we are interested in eliminating the contamination from that place.
  • Secondly, because we want to trap said contamination before it spreads throughout the rest of the house.

Typical places that can be a source of contamination would be:

  • Kitchen: in this case we will never place the air purifier inside it, at least we will not use it while it is cooking, because it generates moisture that is not good for the purifier.
  • Entrances leading to a garage where we keep vehicles such as cars or motorcycles.
  • Near a smoking area.
  • Near where a pet sleeps.

Avoid passing places

We must avoid placing the air purifier out of places of passage so as not to cause accidents if we are distracted.

We may have children who often run around the house or an older person who we do not want to bump into.

So it is not a good idea to place it in corridors, poorly lit areas, or in the middle of rooms as long as they are not on top of a piece of furniture.

Far from electronic gadgets

Where to place an air purifier?

Any electrical / electronic device can cause interference in other devices and more so if it contains motors as is the case.

A motor generates electromagnetic fields that could create interference to other electronic devices such as speakers, televisions, computers, and other devices sensitive to these fields.

It is also important not to connect the purifier to the same electrical outlet where we have any of these devices connected even if they are physically separated, since fluctuations occur in addition to overloading said outlet.

Use it with closed windows and doors

Where to place an air purifier?

If we open windows or doors that face the outside we are letting dust, pollen, odors, pollutants and other pollution that will pollute the air inside the house.

In this case, if we have an air purifier working, it will not cope. It would be like pretending to purify all the outside air.

Some sufficiently intelligent purifiers are able to detect when air is entering from outside and in that case they stop so as not to work too much and without effect.

If our purifier does not have a system capable of detecting this circumstance, we may be overloading it by making it work at maximum power and consequently shortening both the life of the device and its filters, which in many cases are not cheap and we want them to last as long as possible. maximum possible.

Put it up high

Where to place an air purifier?

If what we want is to clean the air in an entire room, the logical thing is that the purifier is located in the center both horizontally and vertically.

As for the horizontal position, normally we will not place it in the center because it may be an area that is already occupied by furniture, although it would be good to place it on top of some of them if possible.

For what it does at the height, if we have that table type furniture or chest of drawers where to place it so that it is at mid-height, that would be a good position.

In many cases the purifier is a rather large device and it is not possible to raise it on top of a piece of furniture, but in these cases it already has a height that allows it to better work the air in the entire room.

Away from humidity

To avoid damaging the filters of the purifier that are not favored by humidity, whether they are HEPA filters or activated carbon filters, we will avoid placing them in areas where humidity is high, even if only occasionally.

HEPA filter
HEPA filter

These places would be kitchens and bathrooms.

If we want to use them in those places, it must be at the time when they are not cooking or nobody is showering with hot water in the case of the bathroom.

It is also not good for them to remain in those places, even if they are not working, because humidity can affect them the same, even to a lesser extent.

If it is mobile or transportable better

If we want to be able to use it in different places in the house, it would be good if we could move it, either because it weighs little and is easy to grip or because it has wheels that facilitate its mobility.

During the day we may be interested in using it in the family area such as the living room and perhaps at night we are interested in using it in the bedroom while we sleep to breathe healthier air.

Do not obstruct air inlets or outlets

An air purifier sucks the surrounding air from the room where it is located to pass it through the series of filters that it carries to expel it again once it is clean.

If we place it too close to a piece of furniture, wall, or any object that may hinder the flow of air, both the inlet and the outlet, the purifier will not be able to perform its task correctly and it may even be working in a forced way, shortening its life .

So, preferably we will place it in a large place separate from furniture and walls but not in the middle of the passage.

We hope that this series of tips can help you determine the best place in your home where you can place your air purifier.

Don’t you have your air purifier yet?

You shouldn’t stop benefiting from all the good that an air purifier can bring both in our home and in the workplace, so if you don’t have one yet, you may be able to find it by visiting our purifiers section.

If you already have one, it is always good to have another less powerful one for smaller areas such as bedrooms or rooms and thus not have to move a large one that may be better in the living room:

Air purifiers

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