Price evolution of products on Amazon

When the designated days for sales arrive, such as Black friday , cybermonday , Christmas, kings and the well-known January sales, everyone is rushing to get the most succulent discounts, but we cannot always trust that the discount applied is real , since some sellers, making use of the picaresque, simply show a discount on a previous price that never existed or days before they raise the price to later apply a discount. The problem is that we do not know what the evolution of the price of the products has been .

If we do not want to fall into these traps, we should know in advance which product we would be interested in buying on sale and monitor its price weeks or months in advance.

As this is not always easy, because we do not know which products we are going to want to buy after the sales, we keep track of the prices of all the products on our website being able to check what their evolution over time.

You will find products that do not have a price evolution graph, this is because they have recently been added to the web and we still do not have historical data.

For all the products that, if we have data, you can consult their graph by clicking on the following icon:

EvoluciĆ³n precios AmazonShow graph without price changes in the last 14 days.
EvoluciĆ³n precios AmazonShow graph with a price drop in the last 14 days.
EvoluciĆ³n precios AmazonShow graph with a price increase in the last 14 days.

It ended up buying expensive, products that are supposedly discounted. Buy with peace of mind knowing that you are not being deceived.

Price evolution graph

Other tools to help you search for products

We also have other tools to help you find products whose characteristics best fit what you need.

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