Column Fans – The Best Selection of 2024

If you are looking to buy a fan here you will find the best selection of column fans for this 2024 that we have prepared for you.

To begin with, you have probably already ruled out other options that may be more efficient when cooling a home but that are more expensive to purchase and maintain and require installation, such as an air conditioner.

The option of a tower fan can also be useful to complement an air conditioning system in the case of wanting to cool an area where it does not reach or to use it at times when it is not yet hot enough to turn on the air.

Here is our selection

We hope you find a fan you like in this selection.

If you need help before buying to know what aspects you should look at when choosing the most suitable air conditioner for your needs take a look at our buying guide:

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    Why choose a column fan?

    Within the world of fans there are neither better nor worse, each one fulfills its role and a tower fan is better suited to certain needs.

    Tower fans are useful when we don’t have too much space to place it and we don’t want it to be very visible.

    We can enjoy it from the first moment since it does not need installation such as ceiling fans and in turn they are movable, being able to use it anywhere in the house unlike ceiling fans that are fixed.

    Principles of operation

    A column fan does not cool the air like an air conditioner would, but instead displaces it.

    This is achieved by circulating it inside and consequently creating a flow of air throughout the room.

    The cooling effect we feel is due to the fact that the air that we have around us is displaced and that it is hotter and loaded with humidity due to the effect of our body heat and sweating.

    With this, cooler air or with a lower degree of humidity enters its place, allowing it to absorb excess moisture, effect of our sweating.

    Let’s not forget that the body eliminates excess heat through the perspiration and making a simile with a car our skin would be the equivalent of the radiator that as we well know needs to be ventilated to eliminate the excess heat that it removes.

    Criteria for choosing a column fan

    If we are looking for a column fan, we must assess several characteristics to choose properly:

    The noise levelAlthough most of them make little noise, there are different levels depending on the model and it is something that we are going to assess if we want to use it in the bedroom at night or to carry out a task that requires tranquility and little noise.
    Heightthe height in this type of fan is important because they do not have the option of leaning to reach higher areas. The recommended height should be between 100 cm and 150 cm.
    ConsumptionIn itself it is already an appliance that does not It tends to consume too much but if we want to save something on the electricity bill or we use solar energy we can find models with greater energy efficiency than others.
    TimerIf you have a timer, we can program the time to turn it on or off, which can be very useful if we are going to use it at night in the bedroom and we want it to turn off after one hour.
    Different speedsWe will be interested in that it does not always work at the same speed since depending on whether it is more or less hot We will be interested in more or less power when moving the air.
    Remote controlNot that it is essential but sometimes it is very convenient not to have to get up to turn it on or off as when or we are lying in bed or lying on the sofa.
    Cable lengthThe length of the cable will mark the place where the fan could be located from the socket. Whenever we do not want to use an extension cord, we must ensure that at least it has a cable between 1 m and 2 m.
    WeightIf it is a fan that we are going to be moving from one room to another in the house, we will be interested in that it weighs little but in this case the weight is also a stability factor. We will have to find a balance.
    AestheticsIn itself, most tower fans tend to be aesthetically sober and elegant so they will not clash in the spaces where we decide to use them but there will always be an aesthetic that may be more attractive than another.

    At this point, you already have all the tools to choose your fan from the best selection of column fans that we have made for this 2022.

    We wish you have a good shopping ?

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