Portable air conditioners – The best selection of 2024

Summer is coming and you already suffer just thinking about those long days of suffocating heat from other years. If this time you don’t want to be caught by surprise, check, you may want to buy a small portable air conditioner.

Fridge calculator for the m3 of the room

If you want to know what cooling capacity an air conditioner should have so that it adapts to the characteristics of the place where you are going to use it, without falling short or overdoing it by adding unnecessary extra cost, use our calculator.

Some of the best portable air conditioners of 2024

If you are one of the demanding users and you are looking to buy a reliable portable air conditioner, here we have made a selection of the best on the market.

If you need help before buying to know what aspects you should look at when choosing the most suitable portable air conditioner for your needs take a look at our buying guide:

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    Features to consider

    We detail a series of characteristics that you should review in the air conditioners that you see that will help you find the unit that best suits your needs and the use that you are going to give it.

    Remote controlIf you are going to want to control your air conditioning sitting comfortably on the sofa from home or even lying in bed, it will be very practical for your air conditioner to have a remote control.
    TimerIf you don’t want to be pending when your air should turn on or off, you want to get home and find the cool environment or simply turn it off after an hour if you use it in the bedroom this feature cannot be missing.
    ThermostatA thermostat will be very useful for maintaining a certain temperature and optimal comfort level in the room.
    It will also save you significant energy as long as you use it responsibly of this.
    Power LevelsThese refer to the power of the fan and therefore the speed with which it sucks and returns to xpress the cooled air.
    It is good that it has at least 3 power levels, although many appliances have 10 or more.
    It can help to achieve the desired temperature in less time the more power we give it.
    Number of tubesAir conditioners with a refrigeration circuit can have a single outlet tube or an outlet tube and an inlet tube for outside air.
    An air conditioner with 2 tubes it usually reaches the desired temperature in half the time by not using the hot air in the room to cool the vaporizer.
    Filter positionMost air conditioners have at least one filter in the air inlet and eventually more than one if it performs purifier functions.
    If we want to facilitate the task of cleaning or replacing the filters, we must see if the filters are easy access as some devices require opening and removing the water tank for extraction.
    FrigoriesThis is the cooling capacity of the appliance.
    This data is important and we will have to calculate how many we require depending on the m2 of the area to be cooled.
    Between 100 and 140 frigories per m2 are required, so for an area of ​​10 m2 we will require a device with a capacity between 1000 and 1400 frigories.
    Noise levelThese portable air conditioners usually make more noise than a fixed air conditioner where the part of the vaporizer is installed outside the house.
    If we are going to use it in the bedroom while we sleep we must see if the noise level and if it is the best option to rest without discomfort.
    Ease of transportIf the device is of considerable size, they are becoming smaller and smaller, we will have to see if it comes with wheels and even a handle to help us transport it.
    Smaller units tend to be lightweight and can be easily carried from one location to another without the need for wheels by routinely standing on top. a of furniture.
    Evacuation systemIf the air conditioner incorporates a dew point cabin refrigeration system this will produce water in the process of condensation.
    There are devices that have a tube for evacuating the water to a drain that can be by gravity or with the help of a pump if it is necessary to drain at a higher height.
    In case of not having a drainage system The appliance will incorporate an interior tank that must be emptied periodically.
    Water tank capacityAs we saw in the previous section, the air conditioners with system The refrigeration units produce water in the condensation process, accumulating it in an interior tank.
    Depending on the size of the tank and the time and power at which we use the unit, it should be emptied less or more frequently.
    ConsumptionThe instantaneous consumption is given by the power of the appliance (frigories) and the speed theity your fan works.
    The total consumption will be determined by the instantaneous consumption for the time of use.

    Calculation of necessary frigories per work area (m²)

    First of all we will say that a frigory is a unit of power that measures the heat that we can extract from the medium , that is, it is about calories, but negatively, since the latter refer to to heat that we can introduce instead of extract.

    We will also say that the frigories indicated by a device is the amount of heat that it is capable of extracting for each hour of work.

    In the calculation of the frigories necessary to cool a certain area, different factors influence that should be taken into account so that this calculation is as approximate as possible such as thermal insulation, number of windows, the climate of the area (the north is cooler and drier while south is hotter and humid)

    Taking this into account, we must know that to cool the same size of room we will need an appliance with a greater heat extraction capacity if the house is located in an area of ​​greater heat and / or with poor thermal insulation than if the house It is located in a less hot area and / or with greater thermal insulation.

    If we do not take this into account, we can make a calculation that does not correspond to reality and acquire a device that is oversized, spending more or that falls short and does not cool everything necessary.

    Approximate calculation of frigories needed to cool a given area (m²)

    If we only take into account the size of the room to calculate the frigory, we should know that there is a correspondence of 100 frigories for every 1 square meter based on the experience acquired in the use of air conditioners.

    So we would have:

    for a room of 10 m² we need 1000 frigories
    for 20 m² we need 2000 frigories < br> for 30 m² we need 3000 frigories

    And so on.

    If the house is located in a hot area, the necessary frigories are usually increased by 15% or up to 30%.

    Calculation of necessary frigories per volume (m³)

    A room, in addition to having a floor area or surface, also has a height that in most cases is 2.5m, although it can be higher.

    So if we have a room of 20m² and its height is 2.5m, we would have a volume of 50m³

    volume of a room

    In this case, to calculate the frigories we multiply the volume of said room by 50:

    50m³ x 50 = 2500 frigories

    Conversion from kilowatts (kW) to frigories

    We have to unite a frigory corresponds to 1,163 watts or a watt corresponds to 860 frigories

    So for 2500 frigories we have 2907.5 watts or approximately 2.9 kW

    Area (m²)Frigories & nbsp;Cooling power (kW)

    Now you have everything to choose your unit from the best selection of portable air conditioners that you have here for this 2022.

    Difference between an air conditioner and an air conditioner

    Basically these are practically identical devices in terms of operation when it comes to cooling the room where they perform their function, but the air conditioner incorporates, in addition to other control systems , a thermostat < / strong>.

    Both devices manage to cool the air based on the cabin “ dew point “.

    the best selection of portable air conditioners of 2021
    Air conditioning thermostat with LCD touch screen

    A thermostat is an element that, in addition to measuring the interior temperature of the room, can set the temperature for which the compressor of the refrigerator system should be started.

    This performs the function of on or off switch of the refrigeration system depending on whether the temperature measured in the room exceeds the one set by the user for the ignition to occur.

    Most air conditioners incorporate electronic thermostats that are more reliable and modern allowing to perform different functions.

    An electronic thermostat usually incorporates a thermistor which is a sensor that changes its impedance as a function of temperature.

    the best selection of portable air conditioners of 2021

    In some cases the thermostat also allows you to enter an activation threshold or time in which the compressor must be kept off for greater energy savings in the event that the temperature recovers quickly before cooling the room.

    This may be in the event that the house does not have good thermal insulation or that its orientation implies greater heating in times of heat.

    In addition to the thermostat, both devices can incorporate an on and off timer so that in no case does it start operating outside of the scheduled time to turn on even if the room temperature exceeds that set for turning on.

    Climate control advantage over air conditioning

    The use of a thermostat gives us two main advantages over airs that do not have one:

    • We achieve better comfort in the environment, since we will always have the temperature we want.
    • We achieve greater energy efficiency and consequently greater savings in the electricity bill at the end of the month.

    Responsible use

    Both in the case of an air conditioner and an air conditioner, we must make responsible use of the device by not operating them at maximum power all the time or setting the thermostat at a temperature well below the current temperature, forcing the air conditioner to work more time or in the worst case all the time.

    Accessories needed to properly use a portable air conditioner

    If you are going to buy a portable air conditioner, keep in mind that not all of them have the necessary accessories to be used and, therefore, you should buy them separately.

    See the section tubes, adapters and window insulation for portable air conditioners.

    Tubes, adapters and window insulation for portable air conditioners
    Tubes, adapters and window insulation

    Do you need an evaporative cooler?

    If you live in an indoor area where the relative humidity is usually low and you do not want to make a large outlay of money, a vaporizer can be a good solution that in addition to having a lower acquisition cost, its consumption is also lower.

    Evaporative coolers

    Evaporative coolers to cool you down at home.

    Maybe you are looking for a fan to complement

    The use of an air conditioner together with a fan can be a good idea helping to distribute the fresh air to more spaces in the house.

    You can check in the following sections

    Table fans

    Table fans to cool you where you need it.

    Bladeless fans

    Bladeless fans for designer ventilation.

    Bladeless ceiling fans to add a touch of style as well as cooling.

    Bladeless ceiling fans to add a touch of style as well as cooling.

    Standing fans

    Standing fans if you want to be able to cool a larger area and in turn move it to other spaces.

    Industrial fans

    Industrial fans for warehouses, gyms and large spaces that must be ventilated.

    Misting fans to create a cool breeze.

    Misting fans to create a cool breeze.

    Column fans

    Column fans if you are looking for a point of sophistication.

    Ceiling fan

    A ceiling fan to always have it at hand.

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