Product comparison and filtering tools

Are you looking for an air conditioning unit?

If you are looking for an air conditioning product for your home and you want to choose the one that best suits your needs, without spending too much, or acquiring a product that you are not going to take advantage of all its benefits, falling short and not being able to cover your needs; here we present the tools and a small user guide that will make your search easier.

Our filter and product comparison system

To make it easier for you to find the air conditioning product that best suits your needs, we have developed several tools such as a filter system on each of the product pages as well as a product comparison tool .

In addition, some pages also have a calculator that will help you determine some values ​​for filtering.

How do these tools work?

There is nothing better to illustrate its operation as an example of the use of the aforementioned tools.

Using the calculator if there is one on the page

If we go to the air conditioners section, we will first find a calculator that will help us determine the necessary cold units for the size of the room to be cooled.

We adjust the filters

With the result obtained in the calculator we will adjust the filters that are just above the products, in addition to the cold units we can also add other characteristics of our interest such as color, price range, etc.

As we select different values in the filters, the products that do not comply with these values will be hidden.

We select the products to compare

Once we have the filters applied, we can compare all the characteristics of the products that interest us by adding them to the comparison list by clicking on the icon that appears in the upper right part of each product.

If we click again we will remove said product from the comparison list.

Let’s go to the list of products to compare

Once we have added the products that we are interested in comparing to the list, we will only have to click on the list that appears at the bottom of the page at all times (even if we change the page).

Once we have clicked on the list we will go to the comparison page where all the selected products will appear side by side with all their characteristics listed.

The comparison tool also assigns different icons to the products with the following meaning:

Best product on the list of products to compare in terms of quality
Best product in terms of quality / price ratio
Better product both in quality and in quality / price relation with respect to the rest of the products compared

The whole process at a glance

In this video you can see how easy the process of searching for a product would be based on your needs

Now you can start shopping !! ?

We also follow the evolution of prices

We show you the evolution of the prices of all the products on our website, so you can know if the current price is the lowest compared to previous prices.

If you want to know more, visit the section Evolution of the price of products on Amazon

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