Advantages of having a portable air conditioner

The main advantages of using a portable air conditioner instead of a fixed one are that you can move them to use them wherever you want without the need to have one in each room of the house and with some benefits practically equal to a fixed one without the need for any type of installation.

In this way we save ourselves from having to carry out an installation or even several if we want to condition several spaces in our home.

How do portable air conditioners work?

Thanks to a suction system it traps the hot air that is in the room and circulates it inside the appliance, cooling it thanks to a refrigerated circuit, expelling this already cooled air again once to stay.

Part of the air is used to cool the hot refrigerant gas coil that comes from the vaporizer, expelling it outside the house, so you must have a nearby window where you can install the evacuation tube.

Advantages of having a portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioner with exhaust pipe installed in a window.

The work of cooling the air is carried out by a closed circuit with a refrigerant gas .

This gas in the first air conditioners was harmful to the ozone layer , since it was part of the so-called CFCs , CluoroFloroVarbonos, but since 1996 they stopped being used as a result of Montreal Protocol of 1987.

Going into more detail about the cooling mechanism, we will say that it has 4 parts:

Advantages of having a portable air conditioner
Funcionamiento del aire acondicionado
This is responsible for introducing the gas that comes from the evaporator to introduce it into the condenser.
Thanks to the pressure exerted by the compressor, the condenser converts the gas to a liquid state, based on the laws of thermodynamics, it captures the hot air, reducing the temperature of the air that has come into contact with the coil containing the cooling liquid.
Expansion valve
This valve manages to return to a gaseous state the refrigerant that was in a liquid state and that has now absorbed the heat from the air and part of the heat produced by the compressor.
Here, the heat is removed from the refrigerant by means of a coil with fins through which part of the air absorbed from the room is passed in the case of having only one tube.
If the device has two tubes, this air will come from outside to be expelled again.
In two-part air conditioners, the vaporizer would be the part that is installed outside with a fan to cool the coil with the hot refrigerant gas.

In the case of portable air conditioners, we will find many with two air tubes that must go outside, one for the intake of fresh air and the other for the output of hot air.

These devices that have two tubes manage to reach the desired temperature in half the time than others with a single tube.

Features and benefits of having a portable air conditioner

The main characteristics as well as advantages of having a portable air conditioner are:

They do not require installation.
They are easy to transport so we can use them both in a rental home where we do not want to make a fixed installation that you should leave when changing address.
We can also use them in second homes where we do not spend so much time as to make a large investment in addition to being able to bring the portable air device from our habitual residence.
It is suitable for cases in which we require the use of an air conditioner only occasionally, either because we do not live in a particularly hot area or because we prefer other methods to cool off.

These devices need to evacuate the hot air it traps to the outside of the room and therefore needs to be placed near a window where the hot air outlet tube can be placed.

Some air units have two tubes , one for the hot air outlet and the other for the cooler outdoor air inlet.

This inlet air is used to cool the coil with the hot gas that has captured the interior heat of the room in the cooling process.

An air of a single tube uses the same air inside the room, normally hot, to cool said coil.


More and more we can find portable air conditioners more compact with which we will not find problems to use them anywhere no matter how little space we have.

This also facilitates the task of moving them from one place to another in case we want to use it in more than one room depending on the needs of each moment.


Advantages of having a portable air conditioner
Top access filter

The maintenance of these airs is relatively simple, having to periodically clean a series of filters that it may carry.
They can be more or less depending on the functions that the air performs, since it can also act as a purifier.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the water collected from the condensation process will have to be emptied regularly, due to the drop in air temperature, the precipitation of water vapor occurs when it exceeds the saturation level for that temperature. < / p>

What types of portable air conditioners are there? Calculate the power

Advantages of having a portable air conditioner
Air conditioning in large area

An air conditioner has to be chosen based on different parameters such as the size of the area to be cooled , the type of insulation in the house , the window orientation letting in more or less sun, if we have blinds or awnings that we can lower at times when the sun hits directly.

In general, the power of an air conditioner is measured in frigories and between 100 and 140 are required per m2 of area to be cooled being the first for a house well insulated thermally, protections such as blinds or awnings for the moment of direct light and an orientation that avoids the latter.

On the other hand will require about 140 frigories for the opposite case in which we can have poor thermal insulation, a south orientation of the room window and without protection to avoid the direct incidence of the sun.

If we have a room between 10 m2 and 20 m2 to cool, we will need a unit between 1000 and 2000 in case the house has optimal characteristics in how much to avoid overheating.

For a house with poor thermal characteristics to cool the same room of between 10 m2 and 20 m2, we will need an appliance with between 1400 and 2800 frigories .

Another thing to keep in mind is whether we buy a device with a single tube or two .

Appliances with two tubes usually reach the comfort temperature in half the time than single tube units, since air from outside is used to circulate it through the vaporizer cooling the gas refrigerant instead of using the air in the room itself, which is usually warmer than the outside intake.

Keep in mind that portable air conditioners are generally louder than fixed air conditioners that have the vaporizer part, where we have the fan , installed on the outside of the house.

Therefore, it is not usually a good option to use it to cool bedrooms at night, since the noise may bother us.

Efficient use of air conditioning equipment

Advantages of having a portable air conditioner

This is true whether it is a fixed installation air conditioner or a portable unit.

We must avoid lowering the temperature of the thermostat well below the temperature in which the room is located and that no matter how efficient its electricity consumption is, continuous use means that in the end the accumulated consumption can be tall.

The savings in an equipment of this type comes from the responsible use of the thermostat coming to stop at times when reaching the desired temperature.

If we indicate a temperature very far from the current one it may never reach it, so its operation will be constant .

Not responsible use will also dirty the filters more quickly having to clean them or in the worst case change them more frequently.

And remember that in the case of portable air conditioners there is usually no drain for the water collected in the condensation process, accumulating in an interior tank that we must empty more often if your usage is more consistent.

If you are looking for a portable air conditioner

Maybe you are looking for a portable air conditioner.

Here you can find a selection where you may find yours.

Portable air conditioners – The best selection of 2021

Portable air conditioners to be like a penguin in summer.

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