Ultrasonic humidifiers – The best selection of 2024

Do you feel discomfort in the eyes or respiratory tract? It is possible that the air is very dry and you need to increase the humidity level, for this we bring you these ultrasonic humidifiers, also called cold steam, the best selection of this 2022.

Weather conditions often create environmental imbalances in our homes, especially in poorly ventilated places or when using heating drying the air, so ultrasonic humidifiers are a good solution.

In this section of the portal we show you a selection of ultrasonic humidifiers of different styles so that you can find the one that best suits your preferences.

Here you have the best selection of ultrasonic humidifiers, or cold mist of 2024

If you are looking for a point of elegance or warmth for the space where you are going to use the humidifier, here is a selection that can meet your needs.

If you wish, you can consult below a guide of characteristics that you should take into account when making the selection.

    To choose a good humidifier, what should we look at?

    Here we detail the points to keep in mind if you are looking for a humidifier and want to make a good purchase and not discover later that perhaps it was not what you needed.

    So, pay attention to the following points before choosing your ultrasonic humidifier:

    Humidifier typeBoiling or ultrasonic evaporation.
    The former are more recommended to fight flu or colds but at the same time more dangerous due to the possibility of getting burned by accident.
    With the latter we are not in danger of accidents but we must clean them better because fungi or bacteria can proliferate.
    Here we only show you ultrasonic humidifiers, also known as cold mist.
    Built-in lightSome may have built-in light to help create a more welcoming environment.
    ConsumptionWe should pay special interest in the case of a boiling humidifier since the water is heated by a resistance and they will consume more.
    TimerIf it has a timer, we can program the start and stop time.
    Remote controlIf we have the humidifier far or inaccessible while in bed or sitting comfortably on the sofa, we can control its on or off if we have a remote control.
    CapacityIt indicates the amount it can hold and therefore for how many hours it can work without having to fill the tank again. The greater the space to which we want to increase its humidity, the greater its capacity will have to be or the more times we will have to fill its tank to reach the expected level.
    PowerIndicates the ability to release steam into the environment.
    The more power, the greater the speed with which we reach the desired humidity level.
    Cable lengthIf it is plugged into a power outlet, the length of the cable will determine the freedom to place the humidifier where we want without using an extension cord.
    It is recommended that you have a minimum between 1m and 2m.

    Why are they called ultrasonic humidifiers?

    This is because they use ultrasound to excite the water particles and thus generate steam, hence they are also called cold steam since they do not use heat to generate said steam by the boiling process.

    Advantages of cold steam humidifiers

    There are several types of humidifiers:

    • From hot steam that work by boiling water and therefore create steam by evaporating it.
    • From cold steam < / strong> that generate steam by mechanisms other than boiling and which in turn are divided between ultrasonic and wick.

    Hot steam humidifiers are hardly used anymore because they generate condensation in the environment, wetting furniture and walls of the room, thus favoring the generation of mold .

    In addition, with these we run the risk of burning in the event of an accident when working by boiling the water, so in case of having children at home it is not advisable to use them.

    On the other hand, cold steam humidifiers, as the name suggests, generate steam without the need to boil the water, eliminating the risk of burns.

    They are divided into two groups:

    • Wick : they work by generating an air stream by means of a fan through a moistened filter that transfers small particles of water into the environment.
    • Ultrasonic : These work by means of a transducer that vibrates at an ultrasonic speed, breaking up the water molecules and generating a fine mist that spreads throughout the environment.

    The steam generated by this type of humidifier, being cold and very fine, does not cause condensation and therefore does not humidify the room.

    In addition, by not having to heat the water, they can generate cold fog immediately.

    The electrical consumption of cold steam humidifiers, especially ultrasonic ones, is much less than hot steam humidifiers as they do not use any resistance to heat the water.

    The only point in contracting that we must be much more careful in cleaning and not leaving water accumulated for several days, since bacteria could be generated that we would end up spreading in the environment to end up being breathed.

    What mistakes shouldn’t you make when using a humidifier?

    Not controlling humidity levels:

    If we want our home to be in perfect condition in terms of the air we breathe, we should monitor the levels of relative humidity taking action when these do not comply with the recommended, especially if we suffer from certain conditions such as allergies or asthma.

    The recommendations are that in winter the relative humidity levels should be between 25% and 40% and in summer it should not exceed 60%.

    In summer the humidity level is usually higher due to the effects of heat.

    Let the humidity level rise excessively:

    We must ensure that the humidity levels are between 40% and 50%, which are optimal levels to alleviate respiratory discomfort and allergies while helping to eliminate dust mites.

    On the contrary, high humidity levels can worsen asthma and cause mold to grow.

    Not doing a proper cleaning:

    We should carry out a thorough cleaning of the entire unit maximum every 3 days, including filters, to avoid the generation of mold, fungus or bacteria.

    Ultrasonic humidifiers are more sensitive to the proliferation of microorganisms, since the generation of steam is not produced by means of heat but by the breakdown of water molecules by means of ultrasound.

    Fill the humidifier tank with tap water:

    Tap water should never be used, as it contains many minerals and chlorine that will be scattered in the form of dust throughout the space around the device, depositing on surfaces as a white powder, and can even be breathed.

    Leave the water stagnant for several days:

    You should never leave the water inside the humidifier for several days.

    After each use you should empty the tank and clean it well with bleach and then run it with plenty of water and dry it completely so that there are no remains that can be thrown into the air in its next use.

    Use a humidifier to practice meditation

    It is always known that meditation is a tool that provides us with inner peace, relaxation and balance.
    It also helps us to combat the stress that is increasingly installed in our lives due to the rhythm of life we lead.
    That is why it is essential that we find time for the practice of meditation or other disciplines that help us to slow down and reencounter ourselves.

    We have all heard or read about “Mens sana in corpore sana“. A healthy mind helps to have a healthy body because it is well known that many of the ailments of the body are psychosomatic, that is, the body expresses what the mind suffers.

    So if we want to practice meditation we must adapt a space in our house for it.
    Here we show you some points to keep in mind that will help you get that place where you can practice it in optimal conditions:

    Find an intimate place

    If it is a place that is not passing through and where you can get away without being disturbed.
    It should also be a place that you identify as the space to meditate, then it should not be a place where you spend a long time doing other things, such as your living room.

    Avoid distractions

    Do not have any electronic device nearby that could be distracting, of course the mobile should be left out of this space and forget about it while you go to meditation practices.

    Soft hues

    Try that the room you are going to use has soothing colors, not garish colors like reds, very intense blues or yellows. They should be colors you know that invite calm, that is, pastel colors such as light blue, beige, etc.

    Cleared space

    Make sure that the room is not overloaded and the little that there is is well ordered and not a feeling of chaos.

    Nice space

    The less furniture the better, a space that is as clear as possible and adorned with a plant can help us create a pleasant and relaxing environment.

    Natural light

    If you can find a place near windows where the sun touches or can get fresh air better than better. Contact with nature always brings a point of calm.


    It is well known that smells stimulate the brain

    And this is where a good humidifier with scents of essential oils will create the right climate to feel comfortable for the duration of the meditation.

    Music or background sounds

    And finally if you are accompanied by the sounds of nature, the sound of Tibetan bowls or mantras you will get the brain to enter a state of relaxation that will help your meditation session.

    Why is it advisable to use humidifiers for babies?

    When we use heating or air conditioners, the environment tends to dry out and that affects us all, but even more so to babies who are more sensitive to these changes.

    A dry environment will cause discomfort in the eyes, dry skin with the possibility of eczema and dry mucous membranes that protect us from the entry of viruses.

    Babies do not yet have a sufficiently developed immune system to protect themselves from virus attacks and therefore we must ensure that they are in the healthiest environment possible to prevent them from getting sick.

    A cold and dry environment like the one generated by the use of air conditioning favors the proliferation of viruses, therefore it is very important to avoid that the environment is too dry.

    It is recommended to keep the relative humidity levels in the environment between 40% and 60%.

    We must try not to exceed 60% because then we could be loading the environment too much and creating condensation that makes breathing difficult as well as facilitating the generation of mold.

    Now you are ready to choose which one you are going to take from the best selection of ultrasonic humidifiers of this 2024 ?

    Not what you were looking for?

    Maybe instead of a humidifier you were looking for a dehumidifier .

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