Standing Fans – The Best Selection of 2022

Summer is coming and with it the trips to the beach, to the terraces, to the field and also those hours of oppressive heat that you can fight thanks to the best selection of standing fans that we present to you for this 2022.

We present the best standing fans of this year

Here we present the best selection of standing fans that we have made for you and that is made up of the best models of this 2022.

Before buying, you need help to know what aspects you should pay attention to when choosing the most suitable pedestal fan for your needs. Take a look at our buying guide:

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All the standing fans that we show you take you to Amazon where you can make the purchase.


    What are the advantages of using a fan?

    The advantages of using a fan instead of other solutions such as an air conditioner would be the following among others:

    • Does not require installation, so it can be used out of the box and anywhere.
    • Does not require maintenance. An air conditioner requires periodic filter maintenance to prevent the accumulation of dust, germs and bacteria.
    • We avoid respiratory problems that the use of air conditioners can bring when cooling the air. We can read more about this here .
    • Its consumption is lower than in the case of air conditioners.
    • When we do not need it, we can store it without being visible like other appliances that need installation and therefore must remain fixed.
    • By not generating cold air it can be used while sleeping without the danger of catching cold and in the case of being used in the baby’s room it can reduce up to a 72% risk of sudden death by avoiding the accumulation of CO2. You can read more here.

    What should we take into account when choosing a good standing fan?

    Here we detail a series of characteristics that you should take into account when making your choice so that the purchase of your next floor fan is as satisfactory as possible.

    HeightThe higher the more ability to move all the air in the room without need of having to place it on top of furniture or chairs.
    Noise levelIndicates the noise it makes at maximum speed.
    The noise level is directly related to the size of the blades.
    Depending on where we are going to use the fan most of the time it will be a determining factor.
    Protection gridEvery blade fan is equipped with a protection grid of different densities to avoid accidentally touching the propellers while running.
    If we have children at home we are interested in having them available of a grid as dense as possible.
    ConsumptionThis value indicates the consumption that will have at maximum speed.
    It is a factor to Take into account if we are going to use it a lot and look for one that consumes less.
    Different speedsNormally they already have a minimum of 3 different speeds.
    We must see that it has a speed regulator because it will not always interest us that it is operating at maximum speed.
    PowerIt will refer to the power which will give full speed.
    Diameter of the bladesThe diameter of the blades is related to their ability to move more or less air at the same speed of rotation.
    The larger the area of ​​the room where we are going to use it, the greater the diameter should be if we want it to reach every corner.
    WeightWeight is important in this case as it is a standing fan, especially if it is concentrated at its base, as this will give it greater stability by lowering the center of gravity.
    Oscillating functionThis allows the fan head to oscillate laterally to achieve more space to ventilate. Sometimes it is annoying that the air touches us directly.
    Remote controlIf we are going to use it in the bedroom, we will not want to get out of bed to start or stop it.
    The same will happen to us if we are comfortably seated or lying on the sofa.
    In those cases it will be very practical to have a remote control.
    SizeThere are fans that are smaller than others that can be more practical if we want to place them next to the computer while we work on it.

    Didn’t find the fan you were looking for?

    If you have not found any fan that convinces you, you can review other types of fans in their respective sections.

    No need to rush and shop in a hurry.

    Taking your time to see different types and features will help you make a better purchase.

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    Table fans to cool you where you need it.

    Bladeless fans

    Bladeless fans for design ventilation.

    Misting fans to create a cool breeze.

    Misting fans to create a cool breeze.

    Column fans

    Column fans if you are looking for a point of sophistication.

    Industrial fans

    Industrial fans for warehouses, gyms and large spaces that must be ventilated.

    Ceiling fans

    A ceiling fan to always have it at hand.

    Bladeless ceiling fans to add a touch of style as well as cooling.

    Bladeless ceiling fans to add a touch of style as well as cooling.