Disinfection of coronavirus with ozone

Did you know that ozone is the best natural disinfectant there is? Get a good disinfection of your home and eliminate coronavirus (covid-19) from it with ozone.

How to achieve a good disinfection of coronavirus and other pathogens with ozone

Ozone is a gas that exists naturally in the upper levels of the atmosphere and is familiar to us from the famous hole in the ozone layer.

This gas is capable of destroying all kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Covid-19 and the common or stationary flu.

It is made up of molecules of 3 oxygen atoms that are highly oxidizing as they are not very stable and have a short durability.

As they are short-lived molecules, their transport is not feasible and therefore it is generated in the place where it will be used with an ozone generator such as the ones you can find in our store.

Being a gas it is capable of effectively reaching any corner of your home: cracks, behind and under furniture and all the hard-to-reach places that cannot be reached.

Ozone was used in the past to clean and disinfect spaces infected with other coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV.

Likewise, it has been shown to be just as efficient in acting against covid-19 and is used to disinfect common spaces and ambulances.

Its effectiveness has already been proven, destroying 99.9% of all viruses present in the environment.

Coronavirus-free home

If you want to keep your home free of coronavirus, an ozone generator cannot be missing.

If you are thinking of buying one, here are the best sellers:

Safety measures to use an ozone generator

Whenever we want to use an ozone generator, we must take a series of security measures, including:

Not being present in the same room where we are using it.
Once we finish using it, we must ventilate the place to lower the concentration of said gas.

Ozone disinfection to be free of coronavirus in your home

We have made a selection of the best ozone generators for domestic use to help you choose the most suitable adapt to your needs.

Household ozone generators

You may also need generators for professional use

If what you need is to disinfect a commercial premises: restaurant, gym, beauty center or, in short, any larger space you can find it in the professional ozone generators .

Professional ozone generators

Ozone generators for your car

Like our home, it is also important to keep our vehicle free of viruses and bacteria, the latter causing the majority of bad odors, especially if we make public use of it, either as a taxi or VTC .

Here we show you the best ozone generators specially designed for use in vehicles that you can find in the section ozone generators for cars to keep it free of covid-19.

Ozone generators for cars

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