Socket Thermostats – 2024’s Best Pick

If you have an air conditioning system without temperature control and you get tired of stopping and turning on all the time, here is the solution: the best selection of plug-in thermostats for this 2022.

Here are the best plug-in thermostats

If you are already clear that you need one of these, here we show you the best selection of plug-in thermostats that we have for 2024

    How can a socket thermostat help us?

    Everyone has ever happened to us that using a heater there comes a time when we already feel too hot and we have to stop it or if it is the case that we are using a portable air conditioner without a thermostat there comes a time that we must stop it because we already feel cold.

    In these cases, we spend time turning the device off and on again when we feel cold or hot again, as the case may be.

    If we want to avoid the inconvenience of having to be aware of that, we can buy a socket thermostat to do this task for us.

    A socket thermostat, as the same name indicates, is connected to a socket, normally the same one where the device we want to control is connected, and acts as a switch, allowing the electric current to pass or not according to the order that we have indicated.

    Types of thermostats

    Mechanical thermostats

    Mechanical thermistor
    Mechanical thermistor

    Thermostats of this type are the simplest and usually do not have more functions than on and off.

    These work by means of a thermistor consisting of several metallic sheets of different degrees of expansion so that, when the effect of temperature, these metal sheets expand or contract, they make contact by opening or closing the electrical circuit acting as a switch.

    These types of thermostats are hardly used anymore, since they are not very precise and very limited in functions.

    Digital thermostats

    Electronic thermistor
    Electronic thermistor

    Estos disponen de un sensor electrónico mucho más exacto a la hora de medir la temperatura mostrándola normalmente en la pantalla con una exactitud de decimal de grado.

    Another advantage of this type of thermostats is that they allow more programming options such as:

    • programming by hours: it allows us to indicate different time bands on and off and the temperature for each of them, being able to indicate that it begins to heat to 22 degrees from 7 in the afternoon, half an hour before that you get home and that from 10 at night until 2 in the morning it stays at 18 degrees, turning off until 6 in the morning when it turns on again to be at 20 degrees.
    • programming by days: we will be able to define the different totally different time bands depending on the day of the week, since we do not have the same schedules every day.

    Advantages of using a socket thermostat

    This type of thermostats do not need any type of installation. Simply put them between the device we want to control and the outlet closest to the area where we want to use it.

    Another point in favor, whether we are going to use it with a radiator or with an air conditioner, is that normally we will be near the device with which we want to temper the room and therefore the temperature taken by the thermostat will be that of that area getting a feeling of comfort more easily.

    Then we have to take into account that the use of a thermostat will make the device not work all the time, but only when it is outside the desired limits that we have entered into it.

    This will save us on the end of the month consumption bill.

    There are situations in which a heater or air conditioner has enough power to act on a large area and perhaps we are not located next to the outlet where the thermostat is located, so if we take the temperature at that point it does not have to be the same as where we are.

    Many times the air conditioning unit is closer to the electrical outlet, and consequently to the thermostat, than we are, so we should trick the thermostat to achieve the desired temperature.

    For these cases we can find thermostats on the market made up of two parts, one that goes to the plug acting as a switch for the device that is connected to it and the other as a thermometer and control unit.

    The two parties communicate wirelessly and can place the control unit at the point where we want to take the temperature in the room where we are, normally next to us.

    Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    As we have highlighted, one of the advantages of using a thermostat is that it allows us to reduce electricity consumption.

    This has to be accompanied by a responsible use of it by not setting the target temperature at a temperature that is very far from the one the room is currently in, or by not trying to heat or cool an area much larger than the capacity of the device, so that we will never reach that temperature and the appliance will be working all the time.

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