Orbegozo – The best air conditioning products of 2024

Orbegozo is a Spanish brand that has been manufacturing best quality products at competitive prices since 1949, mainly focused on home air conditioning.

Thanks to the high quality of its products and its competitive prices, the brand has positioned itself as a benchmark brand in Spain.

The Orbegozo brand has all kinds of air conditioning products, as we can see in this section, which make it one of the dominant and preferred brands in the sector.

Electric radiators and heaters

You sure don’t want any cold day to take you by surprise without having a heater on hand to warm you up.

If you are looking to heat a small room or the area where you are without the need to keep the whole house warm, a heater is one of the best options.

These have a much lower acquisition cost than an installation of boiler heating and they do not need any type of installation.

In addition, by only heating a reduced area, electricity consumption is less than the consumption of a heating system with a boiler.

Here you can find a variety of different types of heaters to meet your needs.

Infrared heaters

Bathroom wall heaters

Electric radiators

Electric air heaters

Electric fireplaces

Towel radiators

Gas stoves 

Oil radiators

We do not always have a centralized heating system or perhaps we do not want to activate it because it is a specific cold moment or we simply need to heat a specific space in the house.

In these cases, oil radiators are a very good option.

An oil-filled radiator transfers heat to the surrounding air by convection without drying out the air like air heaters do.

Although an oil radiator needs some time to heat up the environment, then it will be able to maintain that heat for longer without the need to be working thanks to the oil acting as an accumulator for it.

Having a thermostat can stop working at times until the temperature drops below a certain level to start up again.

How could it be less, Orbegozo also has a variety of these products that help in the air conditioning of our houses in those cold moments.

Standing fans

The heat is coming and you don’t want this year to take you by surprise and you have thought about getting a fan.

As we have already mentioned, the Orbegozo brand has a wide variety of products for air conditioning and in terms of fans we can find all kinds.

If what we are looking for is a standing fan to be able to comfortably cool a living room or large room, here we can find all kinds of high quality and good performance standing fans.

We will find models from 50W to 90W of power to provide a solution to any need, however demanding it may be.

Table fans

table fans are a good solution, since they take up little space, are easy to transport from one place to another and can be installed in any space in our house, even on tables or furniture not taking away space.

They also consume little, do not need maintenance and when we no longer need them we can store them in any closet.

We can find something for all tastes, from 28W to 60W of power, with different speeds and low noise levels to be used in the bedroom at night.

Column fans

Perhaps you are not looking for a conventional fan like those of a lifetime and prefer a column fan that is smaller in size without visible blades, the consequent reduction in the risk of accidents in case of having children or pets at home.

This type of fan is also very useful because it needs a relatively small area to place it without having to opt for a ceiling fan that prevents us from being able to use it where we want it at all times.

They are devices that do not weigh too much and moving them from one room to another is not going to be a problem.

Most of them have an oscillating lateral movement, a timer, different speed levels and some even have a remote control.

We can find models from 42W to 60W of power, so we will have no problem finding one that meets our needs.

Ceiling fans

ceiling fans are a good option if they are always going to be used in the same place and we have opted for a more or less economical system, low consumption and without the need for maintenance.

It is also a good option if we also have children and want to avoid accidents due to the difficulty of reaching them.

This option must be discarded if it is going to be installed in a room with children who sleep in a bunk bed because their curiosity could cause them to want to touch it with its possible consequences.

There are models from 50W to 60W , all with built-in light .

The fact that most ceiling fans incorporate light is due to the fact that it will be located in the center of the room where it will be installed, occupying the space normally used for light or lamp.

Another function of a ceiling fan is the possibility of winter mode by reversing the direction of rotation of the blades, thus distributing the hot air that is in the upper part to all corners of the room.

For this same reason, most have their double function of decorative element with designs of different styles.

In Orbegozo we find a good variety of these products that will help us in the air conditioning of our home.

Industrial fans

Either because summer is approaching or because we work in a place where heat is generated because it is an industrial environment, we may be interested in installing one of these fans that will help us make the area more comfortable.

Although we will not always need a fan to cool the environment, we may also be interested in avoiding the concentration of odors or pollutants in certain areas of the work area.

These fans are designed to ventilate large areas thanks to a larger diameter and accompanying power.

They are specially designed to be used in industrial environments, large spaces, and gyms where greater performance and resistance is required.

We can find models from 45W to 130W of power and from 20cm to 50cm in diameter of the blades .

Most models have a timer and various levels of rotation speed.

Some of them also have a remote control to facilitate their handling without having to approach the fan.

Misting fans

If what we want is to cool the environment almost like an air conditioner would, even outdoors, but economically, a nebulizer fan is what you need.

These generate a soft refreshing breeze that is even good for the respiratory tract by maintaining an optimal humidity level in the environment.

Also, by not cooling the air, you are not in danger of catching a cold.

The acquisition cost is significantly cheaper than acquiring an air conditioner and both electricity and water consumption is less than that of an evaporative air conditioner.

Portable air conditioner

If you live in an area where summers are hot and also the environment is usually loaded with humidity, perhaps the best option for you is to buy an air conditioning .

These devices work thanks to a cooling circuit capable of extracting hot air from the environment and is based on the cabin dew point .

A good option is to acquire a portable one that does not need a previous installation, only a window near where to place the evacuation tube and nothing else.

In addition, since it is not permanently placed in a room, we can move it to other places in the house where we may need it.

All Orbegozo air conditioning models are low consumption products that will help us maintain good air conditioning at a low cost.

Climatizadores evaporativos

Un climatizador evaporativo en ocasiones puede ser una mejor solución que un aire acondicionado siempre y cuando vivas en una zona donde el calor aprieta pero el nivel de humedad del ambiente sea bajo.

En estos casos un climatizador evaporativo puede llegar a bajar la temperatura hasta 10 grados de forma mucho más económica y saludable.

Estos a veces son confundidos con un aire acondicionado el cual no dispone de tubo de salida cuando buscamos un aparato de estos y no disponemos de una ventana cerca de donde lo vamos a usar.

El principio de funcionamiento es totalmente distinto al de un airea acondicionado al no disponer de un circuito enfriador y por ese mismo motivo no necesita de un tubo para evacuar el calor sobrante extraido del aire.

Un climatizador evaporativo dispone de un deposito de agua en el que se coloca hielo para enfriarla haciendo circular esta por un filtro por el que se hace pasar una corriente de agua que lo vaporiza en forma de micro partículas de agua.

Al tratarse de un aparato que enfría a base de transferir parte del frío del hielo de su interior al aire, deberemos estar reponiendo frecuentemente dicho hielo para seguir disfrutando de su capacidad de enfriamiento.


Weather conditions tend to create environmental imbalances in our homes, especially in poorly ventilated places or when using heating or air conditioning drying out the air, that is why ultrasonic humidifiers are a good solution. < / p>

An adequate level of humidity in the environment will help us maintain healthier respiratory tract by not allowing the mucous membranes of these to dry out, reducing their function and allowing the entry of viruses.

If we suffer from a chronic condition such as asthma or bronchitis or have a baby, it may even be necessary to avoid constant colds or to improve their symptoms.

Here you can find several humidifiers with different styles and functions that will surely satisfy your needs.


It always seems to us that there is more talk about the need to increase the relative humidity of the environment but sometimes the problem may be due to excess of this.

If you live in a shady area, on a ground floor, perhaps built on clay soil or with unbuilt land around it, you may have humidity problems at home.

Home dehumidifiers are useful devices that help maintain healthy and optimal humidity levels.

They do this by working to draw excess moisture out of the air and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria as well as removing other harmful particles, all of which could lead to a variety of long-term health problems.

In Orbegozo to remedy this air conditioning problem, which may end up affecting our health, they have designed a variety of these products with different extraction capacities depending on your need.

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