Industrial fans – the best selection of 2024

Either because summer is approaching or because we work in a place where heat is generated because it is an industrial environment, we may be interested in installing one of these fans that will help us make the area more comfortable. To help you choose, we have made the best selection of industrial fans of 2024 .

We will not always need a fan to cool the environment, we may also be interested in avoiding the concentration of odors or pollutants in certain areas of the work area.

Here is a selection of the best industrial fans

We show you a selection that we have made of the best industrial fans for this 2024 that will satisfy your needs.

Before buying you need help to know what aspects you should look at when choosing the most suitable fan for your needs, take a look at our buying guide:

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    How to choose an industrial fan

    Within industrial fans we can find different types and different characteristics.

    In this section we only show you floor fans, although within this category we can find fans with different characteristics that we will have to take into account to choose the fan that best suits our needs.

    PowerIt refers to the maximum power that it is capable of giving, translating into speed the maximum that can make the blades rotate.
    The power together with the diameter of the blades will determine the ability to move a greater or lesser volume of air per unit of time.
    Depending on the number of speeds we can divide the power maximum at various levels.
    DiameterDepending on the diameter of the fan, it will be able to move a greater air flow and thus be able to ventilate a larger area.
    SpeedsWe will not want to always use the fan at maximum power, especially when the fan model offers us high power.
    The Most of these fans have several speeds being the normal 3 although they could have more.
    ConsumptionWe must bear in mind that this type of fans can consume more than designed s specifically for domestic use.
    Consumption will be related to the maximum power that the fan can offer.
    Although you can find more efficient fans than others, their consumption being lower at the same potential.
    If we do not want surprises in our electricity consumption bill we must take this feature into account.
    Adjustable inclinationMost, although not all, allow vertical adjustment of the head being able to direct the air flow at different angles and thus cool without disturbing if it is nearby.
    Oscillation of the propellersSome models have oscillation of the propeller so it will be able to distribute the air over a wider area.
    MaterialMany are made of hard-to-rust metals or chrome-plated. They are also more resistant for a more aggressive use such as an industry environment.
    TimerIt will allow us to program for how long it should be running without the need to be aware of it.
    Transport handleIf you have a transport handle it will make it easier for us to move it from one place to another even if it is It is in operation.
    Remote controlSome models have a remote control that will make its use more comfortable without having to move to where the device is. fan.

    Now you know the characteristics that you have to look at to choose one of the best industrial fans of this selection that we have made for this 2022.

    History of the fan

    The fans have their origin in the fan and it is believed that the first use of them was in the Middle East dating back to 500 years B.C.

    The first fans were used in India and they were a kind of fan that hung from the ceiling called punkah , taking the name of the servants They had to pull a rope to make the movement that circulated the air.

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    Woman reading under a punkah, 1863 (‘Mrs. Gladstone Lingham’s drawing room at her residence at Berhampore, 1863’. Watercolor).

    Later, other fans appeared that no longer required personnel to function.

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    Patent Drawing for a Mechanism-Driven Fan November 27, 1830

    It was around 1832 when the first autonomous fans appeared, in the middle of the industrial revolution thanks to the inventiveness of Omar-Rajeen Jumala , and It was a fan with metal or wood blades that rotated thanks to a belt that moved the movement of a mill wheel moved by the force of water.

    Its mechanization was due to the need to ventilate coal mines or similar environments where a system was required to cool environments that were already heated or very loaded.

    The next step in the evolution of fans was thanks to the expansion in the use of electric current initially driven by Thomas Alba Edision with its direct current system and later by Nickola Tesla with the alternating current that ended up being imposed after what has been called the war of the currents .

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    Nikola Tesla’s electric generator to produce alternating current, used to transport energy over a long distance, according to USPTO Patent No. 390721.

    Thanks to this, electric motors appeared that in the case of fans would end up replacing the force of the water to be moved.

    This advance came from the hand of Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, an engineering student who, after spending 2 years in the workshops of Thomas Alba Edison, joined Crocker & Curtis Electric Motor Company where he designed the first electric table fan that he presented in 1886 .

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    Crocker-Wheeler electric fan

    A year later, in 1887, Philip Diehl who was a German-American engineer and who had been an apprentice at the Singer sewing machines he adapted some blades on a motor of one of these machines, building the first version of a ceiling fan.

    Later it introduced an articulated arm creating the first version of oscillating fan.

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    1886 Crocker & Wheeler

    The fans of the early 20th century had brass blades with a protective grille designed only to avoid accidentally touching the blades when passing by, but they were not narrow enough to prevent a child from being able to insert their fingers, resulting in frequent injuries.

    Starting in 1920, these were perfected with the idea that they would reach all homes and workplaces, manufacturing models of all kinds and with endless characteristics that made them more and more present.

    Material and design

    Because they are industrial environments, their manufacturing is usually more robust so that they are more durable as they can be more exposed both to temperatures higher than those of a house and to possible hits.

    Its construction is usually mainly metal , either aluminum or with anticorrosive treatments for greater durability.

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    D4P Display 4top. Floor Fan Ideal for gyms, homes, offices or warehouses and industrial.

    What usually characterizes this type of fans is their greater power and air flow , as they are designed to ventilate large areas, thus providing good protection for the blades to avoid accidents, It is of the utmost importance, that is why all are protected with resistant metal grids .

    Home use

    The best industrial fans of 2021
    Fan (Floral photo created by freepik –

    Due to its greater power and durability, many people choose this solution also for their home, thus allowing them to ventilate large rooms or very hot environments.

    We must bear in mind that due to their power, construction and place for which they were designed, reducing the noise level has not been prioritized, so if we plan to install one of these at home we must take this point into account.

    Also due to its greater power we must know that this type of fans have a higher consumption than those manufactured specifically for domestic use.

    Because these fans have been specially designed for the industrial environment, their protection grid may not be dense enough to prevent a child from inserting their fingers inside it, so if we have children at home it may not be a good option.

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