Home ozone generators – The best selection of 2022 Copia

You will be able to keep coronavirus and other pathogens away from your home thanks to the best selection of household ozone generators of 2022.

Today more than ever it is vitally important to take extreme hygiene and disinfection measures in all spaces to ensure that we are free from the threat posed by the coronavirus (covid-19) and this selection of ozonizers can help you in this work.

The home is a space for coexistence and multipurpose use spaces where we can carry out very different activities such as:

  • Rest (sleep)
  • Relax watching TV or reading
  • Cook
  • Eat
  • Play

Each of these activities and their spaces may have different cleaning and disinfection needs that could range from just cleaning the air space and surfaces of the room to disinfection of water for hygiene of fruits, vegetables and meats.

We could even use dedicated generators for the ozonation of water in order to carry out a thorough cleaning of the clothes of the whole family.

Here you can find the best selection of ozone generators for the home of this 2022 depending on your needs

Difference between ozonizers and domestic ionizers

An ozonator generates ozone molecules with the purpose of destroying any virus, fungus or bacteria.

Every ozone generator only works for a limited period of time carrying a timer for this purpose.

It is advisable not to be present while it is in operation, especially in the case of professional ozonizers, since they usually generate a greater amount of ozone per unit of time.

In the case of domestic ozonators, the ozone flow is lower and there is no risk of being present while it is in operation, although it is advisable to avoid it.

On the other hand, an ionizer is a device that generates a flow of negative ions , known as anions , and it can be working 24 hours without any type of danger.

ionizers are also indicated for disinfecting, although the principles of action are different. While ozone destroys germs, negative ions adhere to germs causing their precipitation.

negative ions are free electrons or molecules with excess electrons in the outer orbit of some of their atoms, which means that they are in an unbalanced charge and seek to adhere to other atoms or molecules where they exist an opposite charge imbalance, that is, they are in a deficit of electrons and it is what we know as free radicals .

Homemade ozone generators for cleaning air spaces

This type of ozonator is suitable for the elimination of pathogens and odors from the environment and all the surfaces that are in it, reaching all corners with a disinfection level of 99.9%.

Ozone is a gas formed by molecules of 3 unstable oxygen atoms, so its application requires its generation in the same place where its use is required.

So that you can keep your home free of covid-19 and other viruses, fungi and bacteria, here is the best selection of household ozone generators of 2022

Mixed ozone generators

Mixed generators for the purification of air and also water for washing and disinfecting fruits, vegetables and meats.

The exclusive ozone generation for water treatment

This type of ozonizer, also misnamed ionizer, is suitable for intensive use in the disinfection of tap water, either for use in disinfecting clothes in the washing machine, kitchen or sinks for use both in cleaning and disinfection of food, disinfection of floors and cleaning in general, replacing chemical agents such as bleach and detergents.

Didn’t find the ozone generator you were looking for?

Perhaps your needs are different and you can find it in one of the following sections:

Professional ozone generators

Professional ozone generators if you are looking for more power to disinfect larger spaces or workplaces.

Ozone generators for cars

Ozone generators for cars for a thorough disinfection of viruses, bacteria and elimination of bad odors.

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