Car ozone generators – The best selection of 2021

Some workshops and car cleaning companies have been using ozone generators to carry out a thorough cleaning for some time, but this 2021 with the crisis coronavirus this type of service is being extended in most workshops.

How to clean your car well

We all know how a car can smell after a while and that is that cars easily accumulate bad odors.

Either by carrying pets, by getting wet when it rains, by wearing mud on our shoes, our own sweat, if we are a smoker, etc.

Over time, these odors remain permeated in the upholstery, carpets, roof, in short throughout the car.

Perhaps what you don’t know is that most odors are produced by bacteria that emit gases produced by their metabolic mechanisms.

Car Ozone Generators - The Best Selection of 2021

So if the odors come from bacteria, what can we do?

First of all, we should do a thorough cleaning of the car by vacuuming the entire interior trying to remove everything visible above and below the mats, seats and even the dashboard, doors, drawers and trunk.

We can also use a vacuum cleaner that uses water to clean everything that is seats, if they are made of cloth, and mats.

Once everything is clean, you have to go to what cannot be seen, which are the bacteria that we will hardly completely eliminate with the cleaning that we have done.

This is where ozone comes into play.

Car Ozone Generators - The Best Selection of 2021

Ozone is a very oxidizing gas as it is molecules made up of 3 oxygen atoms that under normal conditions are not very stable, tending to release one of their oxygen atoms.

This liberated atom is highly reactive in terms of electrons as it lacks 2 in the outermost orbit, so it will seek to combine with other molecules.

To clean the car using ozone, it is recommended to leave the car running for a period of 20 to 30 minutes with the air in circulation mode and the ozone generator working so that it circulates through all the spaces of the car.

This process must be done with no one inside the vehicle and with all the windows closed.

This disinfection protocol is already being applied in most workshops for the greater safety of their employees and to deliver the vehicle fully disinfected.

Selection of ozonators for cars

Here we show you the best selection of this 2021 ozone generators designed for use in cars.

Are you also looking for an ozonator for your home or workplace?

If you also want to keep your home free of odors and germs, you may be interested in one of the generators that you can find in the following sections:

Household ozone generators

Domestic ozone generators to disinfect both spaces and fruit and vegetables.

Professional ozone generators

Professional ozone generators if you are looking for more power to disinfect larger spaces or workplaces.

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